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    Electric Insect Repellent Multi-functional For Household And Outdoor

    Case material: ABS plastic
    Color: White + Blue
    Size: 90 * 90mm
    Power: 5-6 Watts
    Rated frequency: 155HZ
    Voltage: 90 V ~ 220 V
    Product weight: about 180g

    100% brand new and high quality!
    Ultrasound can make pests uncomfortable and run away.
    The ultrasonic pest repeller uses high-quality ABS plastic as the casing. Pleasant touch and durable.
    Insect repellent products use advanced ultrasonic technology. Non-toxic, safe, and effective! This will not cause any harm to your family's health.
    Tasteless, odorless, can drive away pests, not kill, and has low energy consumption. Environmental protection.
    Insect repellent is widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, gardens, warehouses, etc.
    The kit includes:
    1 * Ultrasonic Insect Remover
    XOC1021 (6)XOC1021 (3)XOC1021 (5)XOC1021 (1)XOC1021 (9)XOC1021 (8)XOC1021 (2)XOC1021XOC1021 (7)