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    DIY Combination LED Night Light Box

    For any occasion:Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Special Event, Inspirational Quote, etc.
    Can be used at shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel lobby, corridor, exhibition hall, home and so on.
    Fully personalised light box with three rows for lettering, easy to hang on wall.
    The white surface is framed by a black plastic border and would look elegant in your bedroom or living room.
    Battery operated or use input for use.


    Material: PP +PS
    Source:LED Light Bar High
    Luminous Color:White
    Color temperature :6500-7000 k
    Product  weigh :
    A3 :1.22kg
    A4 :0.8kg
    A5 :0.5kg
    A6 :0.19kg
    Product Size: 
    A3 :42*5*30cm
    A4 :30*22*5.5cm
    A5 :21*5.3*15cm
    A6 :15*4*10.5cm
    Power supply:AA Battery /USB
    Voltage:5 V
    Life :50000 H
     Package included 
    1x  LED Light box
    1x  1.2 metre USB Cable
    1x 1 Set  letters cards

    Style size needs to place order remarks