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7-in-1 Emergency Whistle Survival Flashlight Mirror With Storage Hiking Compass Camping Thermometer Magnifier Mirror Outdoor Tools

New 7 In 1 Military Survival Whistle Multi-function Emergency Life Saving Tool Camping Hiking Accessory with Compass

1, survival whistle
 (excellent design of voice to make whistles further more strident)
2, refers to the north (south)
(high accurate and clear at a glance)
3, high precision thermometer
(more quickly and accurately the first time to master the current temperature)
4, survival mirror reflective signal
(using the sunlight principle to search and rescue personnel shows your current position)
5, a magnifying glass
(without a fire in the wild, can use the principle of focusing the magnifying glass sunshine, refract sunlight to the dry grass, leaves, to produce fire)
6, the high white LED flashlight
(there is no light in the field under the premise of an emergency lighting system)
7, sealed warehouse
(before the travel can be placed in the inside your own information: write down your name, address, telephone, blood type, etc in order to rescue workers on the master of your situation for the first time)
8, nylon lanyard
(it is more convenient to carry)


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