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    Bionic natural light And Touch Control Table lamp With Adjustable Brightness And Time Settings

    1. Touch buttons, sensitive controls, you can easily operate. Long presses adjust the brightness to meet your needs in different situations.
    2. Promise gradient color temperature, long-press color temperature button, warm light - cold light can be changed at will, let you feel relaxed and comfortable.
    3. Natural light, with the natural light of 12,000 lux, mimics the sun and gives you the perfect illumination.
    4. Memory timing function, high quality LED beads, no flicker, anti-glare, no flash, and radiation, can keep your eyes away from fatigue.
    5. Small size, lightweight, small footprint, equipped with brackets, flexible standing, different standing positions, can be widely used in homes, offices, cafes, yoga classes, etc.

    high luminous intensity, not suitable for use, do not look at the product. 


    Operating voltage: 110-240V/20V0.9A
    Power: 14W
    Lamp type: 2835
    Illumination: 2000~12000LUX
    Color temperature: 3000/4700/6500K
    Brightness: Long press the brightness key 0-100% brightness gradient
    Color temperature: long press color temperature button warm light - cold light gradient change
    Brightness memory: Re-use after power-off will remember the last brightness
    Timing: 15/30/45/60min
    Product size: about 249*178*10mm/9.8*7*0.39in
    Net amount: about 0.45kg/PCS
    Is there ultraviolet radiation: no
    Placement distance and continuous working time: 50cm/4 hours
    Product advantages: compared with higher luminous intensity, adjustable temperature, timing, complete certificate, unique shape, exquisite shape and own private model.

    Package Content:
    1 x lamp, 1 x cable