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    Christmas Curtain Shop Window Lights

    Stars and Moon:
    A string of lights has 3 stars, 3 big moons, and 6 small stars. The main light cord is 2.5 meters long and the extension cord is 2 meters. The rotary controller can adjust 8 clock mode.
    8 mode refers to 1. always-on mode. 2. Wave-shaped changes. 3. Continuous change. 4. Flicker changes. 5. Slow flashing changes. 6. Brightness changes. 7. Fantasy changes. 8; flash change

    The product is a European standard. It is suitable for 220V products with tail plugs. Multiple strings can be used in series.


    Number of LED lamp beads: 138
    Size: 4 meters
    Protection level: IP42
    Luminous flux: 80 (lm)
    Control method: battery + usb plug-in
    Color temperature: 80 (K)
    Input voltage: 5 (V)
    Shell material: plastic
    Model: Moon Holding Star Curtain Light

    Type: LED ice bar lamp
    Input voltage: 220 (V)
    Luminous flux: 60 (LM)
    Shell material: plastic
    Size: 3500 (mm)
    Lamp cap specification: E14
    Dimming: No
    Life: 50000 (H)
    Protection grade: IP44
    Scope of application: room decoration, curtain decoration, hotel decoration,
    Power: battery box with USB, solar power

    Package Content:

    1 x Window Lights