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    Electronic Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet





    Wide range of applications: art creation, design, network applications, etc.
    A complete map of 10x6 inches: let your inspiration dazzle when you draw your work.
    Lightweight body: the thickness of the edge is as thin as 0.9 cm, which is not only beautiful but also more practical.
    TYPE-C interface: Positive free insertion and negative no direction, can adapt to more space.
    Read fast, stuck farewell: high-speed reading of 250 points/sec, beyond the limits of technical performance, instant response to each action refused to stick and late.
    5080LPI resolution: accurate, no deviation, carefully designed details.



    Product Model: A15

    Smart Technology: Smart Passive Pen

    System Support: for Windows / Mac
    Induction level: 8192
    Reading speed: 250 points / sec
    Detection area: 10x6 inches
    Read resolution: 5080LPI
    Unique: 12 great modifiable shortcuts
    Induction height: 10mm
    Size: approx. 356 * 200 * 10mm / 14 * 7.9 * 0.4in

    Weight: approx. 972g


    Package Content:

    1 x Pen Tablet
    1 x Passive Pen
    1 x Pen Pocket
    1 x USB Cable