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    LED Touch Speaker Lamp Digital Speaker (For Muslim)

    Quran Speaker&Table Lamp (8G) with BT5.0 *High performance audio output5W loud speaker *Quran Audio(18 voices), Translation (12 languages).
    *Quran Ayah by Ayah translation.
    *Quran word by word recitation. *Sahih Al-Bukhari, Hisnul Muslim, Salat Method *Sahih Al-Muslim, Hajj&Umrah, Al-Ruqyah
    *Complete Tafseer Sharavi audio, 40Hadiths
    *FM Radio, MP3 Player *2000mAh battery.
    *Fast Surah Selection(NEW).
    *Short Key MP3(Yaseen, Ayatul Kursi, Ruqiya).
    *Remote control, 5Watts HD Loud speaker. *Rechargeable Li-battery (USB Charging). *White LED lamp lighting, 3 level adjustment *Sleep mode (speaker switch off after 10/30/60 mins) *Clap lamp top to choose light brightness  


    Model Number:SQ-112P 


    Support::TF Card 

    PlayMP3 player:yes 

    Function:quran player

    Accessories:User Manual


    Feature:Tablet Speaker



    1. HD Quality Qruan Audio(15 voices)

    2. Quran Translation Audio(19 languages).
    3. Quran Ayah by Ayah translation.
    4. Quran word by word recitation.
    5. complete Tafseer audio.
    6. FM Radio
    7. MP3 Player,Book Marking.
    8. Fast Surah Selection(NEW).
    9. Hot Key (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Muslim, Al-Ruqyah,Qaida Noorania, Hisnul Muslim)
    11. Remote control,3 Warr HD Loud speaker.

    12. Rechargeable Li-battery(USB Charging).

    14. 8GB memory.