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    Mobile Phone Live Selfie Anchor Round LED Fill Light




    Beauty Brightening Ring Light: Multi-platform live/microphone singing/infinitely tone light
    Dilute the spots and mask the effect of sputum
    Make your eyes more charming
    Promise color temperature, showing the beauty of art: the color temperature you want, one-click rotation available. Infinitely adjustable light source, alternating between cold and warm
    Support for expatriate night scene broadcast: can be connected to charging treasure, fill light portable, live broadcast
    A variety of lighting angles, free to adjust, colorful 


    product material: soft rubber ABS aluminum alloy all hose
    product color: black
    product size: 16cm and 9cm
    Packing size: 172*212*35mm
    component: 66-128 LED cold light enhancement lamp
    Light: cold and warm light 3000-5000K
    Gear position: Three-speed lighting adjustment. Can adjust the brightness
    Lamp power: 5W-18W
    Working temperature]: Less than 45 °C, no hot spots, safe to touch.

    Package Content:

    1 x LED Lighting