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    Portable Coffee Maker 2 In 1 Capsules & Pods Mini Coffee Machine

    1. Black and white classic colors, streamlined body, more comfortable to hold in one hand
    2. Hand press operation, no need to connect power, very safe
    3. Maximum pressure 21bar, extract the espresso
    4. Height 198mm, weight 340g, small and light, easy to carry
    5. Five components, easy to load and unload, easy to clean
    6. Designed for outdoor athletes

    1. Unscrew the capsule compression cap clockwise
    2. Put in capsules or coffee powder and compress
    3. Tighten the capsule compression cap
    4. Turn counterclockwise to loosen the booster pump
    5. Add 80 ~ 90 degrees hot water to the water tank, the water volume should not exceed the scale
    6. Tighten the booster pump clockwise
    7. Press down on the silicone pad on the top of the booster pump and then select the eject lever clockwise
    8. Press continuously to get coffee
    9. You can drink coffee

    Coffee machine type: semi-automatic ‘
    Coffee machine principle: pump pressure
    Capacity: 5 cups or less
    Rated voltage: 0 (V)
    Rated frequency: 0 (HZ)
    Rated power: 0 (W)
    Coffee machine capacity: 100ML
    Grinding method:; powder machine
    Body material: ABS
    Coffee pot classification: Self-equipped coffee pot
    Operation mode: hand pressure
    LCD display: None
    Energy efficiency rating: A
    Appointment function: None
    Coffee machine type: high pressure
    Pink Version is for grounded, blend, powder type coffee 

    The capsule one is for capsules and pods

    Package Content
    1* Wireless Mouse
    1*Coffe Machine

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