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    Portable gas picnic stove

    [Model] zYZY-17
    [Specifications] Expand 174x87mm
    [Power] 3900W
    [Material] High temperature resistant stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper
    [Available fuel] Butane gas, liquefied gas
    [Maximum Firepower Burning Time] 120g/h

    product advantages:

    1. Super windproof: no matter how big or small the fire is, it has super wind resistance, even in the tenth gale (big fire)
    It can also be burned and used as usual. So farewell to the clumsy windshield.
    2. Extraordinary energy saving (can increase thermal efficiency by 45%):
    (1) The traditional flame combustion technology is changed, and the flame is converted into infrared rays that can deliver heat energy to make the combustion more complete.
    (2) Change the traditional open combustion into closed internal circulation combustion. The breathable windshield increases the oxygen supply and burns more fully.
    3. Multi-function: In addition to the functions of ordinary stoves, this stove also has heating and (small fire) baking functions.