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    Smart VR gGasses

    All-round comfort design: more comfortable to wear, effectively relieve fatigue, reduce dizziness, increase viewing and game time
    Adjustment of the headband: enlarge the design of the force point, reduce the pressure on the front part, and reduce the fatigue
    Telescopic headphones: adapt to different head types
    Fully surrounded by face leather: ensure heat dissipation to prevent leakage
    Ultra-light design, multi-point pressure distribution

    1. What is bobovr z4 3d glasses?
    3D glasses is a device that helps us enjoy 3D movies/games with our mobile phones. The lens and structure are very good!

    2.What's the different between the Z4 and Z4 mini?
    Z4 mini don't have built-in headphone like the Z4。

    3.What kind of phone works with item?
    Works for all 4.0"-6.0" smartphone,Width less than 82mm,length less than 160mm,thickness no more than 10mm.

    4.How to use?
    Download the vr app (if you can't find vr app,please contact us)to your phone,open the 3d video,then put your phone into the vr box,adjust the lenses,you can enjoy the 3D movie.