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    USB computer camera

    The surveillance/video camera is a semiconductor imaging device with high sensitivity, strong glare, small distortion, small size, long life and vibration resistance.
    Project color: red and black
    Image Sensor: CMOS
    Maximum dynamic pixel: 5.0M pixels
    Maximum static pixel: 50.0M pixels
    Signal to noise ratio: over 48 dB (30 F / s 220 LUX)
    Weight: 84 grams
    Total weight: 92 grams
    Video resolution: 640*480
    Output format: 640*480 352*288 320*240 176*144 1600*1200
    Lens focal length: F6.0MM
    Focusing range: 20MM to very far
    White balance: automatic manual
    Gain Control: Automatic Manual
    Exposure Control: Automatic Manual
    Flashing control: 50Hz or 60Hz