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    UV Mosquito Insect Killer Lamp USB Powered

    UV Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Powered Trap Muggen Insect Killer Electric Bug Zapper Anti Mosquito Fly Outdoor Led Lights Dropship


    Product Features
    1. INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Effectively kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth and other flying insects within 20-45 square meters, that can be used in home, patio, garden, backyards, porch, deck, portable use as a tent camping lights or restaurant, hotel, cafe commercial use.
    2. UV TRAP LAMP PEST CONTROL: Physical mosquito killer, 360-degree light-emitting special lamps to induce insects such as mosquitoes, flies, etc. Non-toxic and harmless to the humans. Our mosquito killer use 365NM wavelength UV light to attract mosquitoes and bug. Ultraviolet fly traps are safer to use than indoor sprays.
    3. EASY TO USE & CLEAN UP: It kills the pest in a physical way which is without chemicals, very safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly, pets. After using you could just rotate to unlock the storage box to discard the dead mosquitoes.
    4. USB POWERED: This device is installed with a LED lamp and a powerful sucking fan. Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage,Connect it with your power bank and let it work even in areas with no electricity such as cabins.
    5. SCIENTIFIC DESIGN & SAFE MATERIAL: Fireproof ABS housing material is resistant to high temperature, difficult to dissolve, oil resistant. easy to clean. No hazardous substances, environment friendly.
    Product Specifications: 
    Input voltage: DC 5V
    Power: 5W
    LED number: 6
    USB cable length: 3.6 feet / 1.1 meters
    Use range: 20~ 45 square meters
    Lamp Color: Black